Monday, February 18, 2008


In a moonless night when I sat under a tree pining for what I never had and could not get in time's future-they, the stars were seen above the tree, aloof, alone and far.
Aloof-as they were stripped off all the needs-this world could create. Alone as they got lost in their own selves. Far, as to protect themselves from a sense of physical nearness their imperial dignity. As I was in my thought the following questions came to me...

Do they ever speak?
No-they are the notes of a celestial music,
singing an eternity.
Can they be heard?
No-they are playing the silent bosom
of a naked infinity.
Do they ever listen?
Yes-the secret parleys of destiny's steps
with the eyes of a hidden night.
Who are they for me then?
They are the hints of my hidden address.
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