Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Everyday for some time you are in the habit of surfing different websites and in the way you come to know many ideas, facts, works, activities etc of innumerable people and countries. Sometime for some needs you require to find the desired sites i.e. for further studies or say about modeling and sometime it’s for sheer mechanical inquisitiveness. You are in many ways connected to various persons. Some of them are friends and some relatives. So you have to check your inbox regularly to find your mails from your acquaintances and some of them may need immediate responses. There are also some mails from persons whom you do not know. So you have to reply some mails.

You have your cell-phones. There are, if I am not wrong, saved many cell phone numbers of different people with whom you receive and send messages and calls everyday in proper and also odd times. You have to reschedule your program on the basis of some calls or messages. You have to know and enquire on different matters related to the callers. This is necessary.

You have your car which carries you to different places of both of your liking and disliking. You have to be frequently still and stagnated in traffic jam. You have missed several important matters for this traffic jam like failing to board your plane, not being able to be present in the solemn-moment of birthday-cake celebration etc. There are several instances like this. You have been harassed with the policemen for someone’s FIR for consequences resulting from your driving.

You are always in a terrific whirl of sociability. You are never alone. When you can manage some time of your own and feel watching a television serial or a program on social crime-you are thrown amongst some people you are not related to but you become disturbed.

The modern devices that help you always –also constantly wind you with a constantly moving wheel that never stops. You have long forgotten to know you –taste you in your terms. It’s the system that drives you, moves you and generate every moments several things to lure the palate of your life impulses so that you may never feel yourself as separate from this whirling situation. Your psychological system is gradually changed into the working system of the society. You become a live commentary of produced by the gadgets you use. Man formed society for his own secure living. Now the society itself needs man for its own sustenance. It’s now a huge super-structure that claims its millions of needs like a octopus spreading everywhere its sucking tentacles. This may sound like a philosophic symbolism but it’s more powerful and strong than its symbol.

Sitarampur is almost a village. Its only attraction is its railway station and the giant-known to people as 2115 UP. Otherwise it’s a calm place. The world of Sitarampur speaks with the thirsty birds in the noon, the barking of a lone dog in the night and the sound of the bells hung around the cows’ neck when they return from the field. In the dead of night when you turn your side on the bed you may hear the faint whistle of an engine of a goods train passing through Sitampur station. The world is related to you here. When you hear it, you hear yourself. When you touch it, the world touches you. You are not alone here as the very word ‘alone’ is a word of urban and modern man. When you are here you exist with on a bond between you and the world you were born in.

But I’m not telling you to return to your own home. You can not return. You can not dismantle the superstructure that has grown on you. A day will come when you will feel restless and suffer like anything. Anguish and suffocation will push you on the verge of extinction-death. But however certain its coming -it is never an escape route. Alas! You will not get rid of this superstructure that has been created by your desire and mind-the very constituent of your life. If in any future you feel that you are more than what you are and you want desperately to exceed yourself-then and only then you will find the power to re-create you. You will get the universe that is within you.

Do not think of Sitarampur. It will have long ceased to be what it is now. Modern man has no native land.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Missed the train

I was sitting on the bench on the platform of Sitarampur railway station. I liked this place and whenever I felt for a refreshing atmosphere I went to the station. A railway station has a peculiar distinctiveness. It’s not a place in the sense a market or a sea-beach is a place. The very sense of place is absent in a railway station. The far from every side of the world effaces the local. It never allows a sense of stagnation and repetition in the psychology of one when he or she enters or waits in a railway station.

Slowly the Sun dipped behind me leaving his magical hues for the clouds in the western sky. Suddenly I remembered that it was 17 th April today. Aye –I had come to Sitarampur exactly on this day five years ago by 2115 UP. Five years had gone by and Sitarampur had nothing new for me. No corner of this small town lied hidden to me. But five years ago when I had got down on this very platform the place had had a queer and exotic look.

The signal was given for the coming 2115 UP.

The train entered the station. I stared and was watching from head to tail of this nonchalant train –just waiting with a restless tension. Sitarampur was just any other station to it.

Suddenly I wanted to board it and to be one with it.

Sitarampur was a world of everyone. 2115 UP knew none.

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