Sunday, April 13, 2008

Missed the train

I was sitting on the bench on the platform of Sitarampur railway station. I liked this place and whenever I felt for a refreshing atmosphere I went to the station. A railway station has a peculiar distinctiveness. It’s not a place in the sense a market or a sea-beach is a place. The very sense of place is absent in a railway station. The far from every side of the world effaces the local. It never allows a sense of stagnation and repetition in the psychology of one when he or she enters or waits in a railway station.

Slowly the Sun dipped behind me leaving his magical hues for the clouds in the western sky. Suddenly I remembered that it was 17 th April today. Aye –I had come to Sitarampur exactly on this day five years ago by 2115 UP. Five years had gone by and Sitarampur had nothing new for me. No corner of this small town lied hidden to me. But five years ago when I had got down on this very platform the place had had a queer and exotic look.

The signal was given for the coming 2115 UP.

The train entered the station. I stared and was watching from head to tail of this nonchalant train –just waiting with a restless tension. Sitarampur was just any other station to it.

Suddenly I wanted to board it and to be one with it.

Sitarampur was a world of everyone. 2115 UP knew none.

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