Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let us be NEW

While sitting on my bench on the platform I find the Sun dipped down below the horizon. The last Sun of 2008 has gone. The year 2008 is past. We are at the threshold of a New year-2009. Is the past important to us anyway? No. It has gone forever from our life leaving us as memories. Has it taught us anything to use it as a light in the virgin and unknown path we have to tread on now? But whom does it show with its light and for what? Are we ourselves are not new now? There is nothing as path as such-a path that has been drawn beforehand for a journey. Actually we travel through ourselves and thereby a path is created. I'm the path and the traveller both and simultaneously. But there is a word –'experience' –one would say and it guides us from its source in the past. But life can not be taught nor can life teach. Life prepares us. Like nature-life grows. The more we grow the more we are near to light-the more we know the more we feel what we need more. We become conscious. An ape can not know what a man needs. The whole past has prepared us, made us as light itself to know, or to discover, a path hitherto unknown to us. We have been carrying a light, an urge for something of which we can only be aware of by becoming continually more –more than what we were in the past. It is Man who wants to be new by finding a way –and constantly is after it. He lives in time and so he is in need of a new beginning. He has been continually becoming a new man in pursuance of an inner future. Let us be fulfilled in mortal time through the immortal newness. "Man is Nature's great term of transition in which she grows conscious of her aim; in him she looks up from the animal with open eyes towards the divine ideal." May we be closer to this divine ideal consciously when a new time knocks at our door!

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Saibal Barman said...

A deep introspection...
The sailing through life has occasioned my sense experiences to perceive of harmonic ripples of time surfing against consciousness and consciousness surging out of time. It is neither important nor justifiable for me to conjecture deep relevance of time to consciousness or vice versa with so meager grains of intellect and so scanty exposure to great void of eternity of time that my existence relates to; but, it is relevant to me so far my existence depends solely on both time and consciousness. There is neither a past nor a future; neither a land nor a sky; neither a rise nor a fall; my being there is only to be there without a sense of either losing or expecting what is not mine. I do not belong to myself; neither do I belong to the Time nor the Consciousness. They are all there only because of me, for me and just to make me feel that I exist...yes, the new dawn is welcome for it has no place to go but to be here only for me, us, the collection of minds !
Best wishes for this radiant thought expressed through succinct yet elegant literary contribution.

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