Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The horse rider of the night

Sometimes it takes time to decide on trivial matters because perhaps mere reflex of life becomes too numb to react. Otherwise there was no reason for me to sit on my chair staring at the dark sky even when the clock struck twelve. The world has gone into sleep and dreamt in the subliminal light of the street lamps. It had been drizzling since evening but the gust of strong wind was threatening an eternal night. So I had to get up. The light of my room, it appeared, was audacious within an engulfing night. I closed the doors of my balcony, put off the light and lay on my bed. The darkness of my room shivered as the lightening outside was as aggressive as the strong wind. But I lost all the ways to reach the shore of an unknown land which people call sleep. I was like a ship that lost direction in a stormy sea and was trying only to get afloat.

The wind was growing stronger and its frequent gusts on the window-panes evoked a mythical world never frequented by any living being. The clock struck one and then I heard the sound. It was approaching very fast-the sound of hoofs of a galloping horse. In seconds the horse stopped below my balcony. I could hear her neighing.

I got up and opened the doors of the balcony. I looked down on the street. There was a fierce lightening and in that flash of shocking light I saw the horse-rider. He looked up on my face and said "Hey, I'm here. Sleep, my dear, sleep the night. The dreams of the night are never dead."

"But, who are you?" I asked.

He laughed sitting on his restless horse and uttered in the lightning across the sky "You are my life and I am your time".

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