Monday, February 11, 2008

One can miss many things in life or postpone them for a future. But one can not postpone his future. Sometimes we like to extend our present to the area of future. But this is foolish because there is nothing as such –which we call present.

So I can not miss my last train today. If I miss it today I'll miss my destination. There can not be two morrows with one destination.

There are not many people in the platform waiting for the last up 2115 train when I reach the station in the evening. It's a cold day. Some coolies or gang men have lit a fire outside the railing of the platform and are sitting around it for warmth. There is no air of hurriedness as is generally usual in other times in a railway platform.

This is the last train. But for people who will board it tomorrow on the way it will be for them the first train. Some will get down and some will alight. Some will reach for the first time while some will leave the place for good.

It's coming with its convincing head light.

It enters but like someone who is oblivious of his nobility. It has stopped by my side with its soft and personal hissing sound. I enter into my compartment keep my suitcase on the bunk and sit by the side of a window.

It has been signaled a minute ago. But the driver has, in the last minute, felt for a talk with the guard. Suddenly I feel it a breathing time. But why? I do not know. And I get down on the platform for a cup of tea as I feel it urgent. As I am seeking for a seller –the guard begins to sway his hand holding the green lantern. The train whistles and moves. Slowly I get in.

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