Friday, December 26, 2008

Identity of a memory

I was sitting on the bench when I heard it-a sound. I should better say that I felt the sound. It was an indefinable sound as I do not know in what way I can be more specific about it. Was it a feeling –amplified? I felt something but I failed to form it. It was something going off leaving in its trail a rumbling referring to an experience I had had in my far off past. I tried to be near to that experience. As I thought of catching it in its body- it became lost altogether in the very next moment! But what was significant and surprising that I was given a feeling of knowing it more than anything that was associated with my life. So I had to dig myself in order to find the root of that experience. It did not refer to any event but it had an essence of a tale.

Did it remind me of something I had forgotten? It was as if I was incapable of reading my own letter I had written to my dearest person. And the tragedy was that I could only remember her face if I could decipher what I had written!

I was falling to my bottom as I went on digging through me. After sometime I got near to a misty zone and had the faint touch of what I had lost. But more I was nearing it the more I got myself dissolved in that mist. I started losing myself and almost lost. At that moment the whole world started vibrating and I woke up by a terrible jerk. The brilliant light of the engine of 2115 UP fell on my face. It was entering the station.


Saibal Barman said...

A deep reflection of thoughts...
The greatest gift to human life is the ability to paint an image out of obscure senses of experiencing life--it gets its brushes from resonating events of life and colours from deep-drawn memories shelved to bottomless ocean of consciousness! A priori only connects to its reality while exploration of its relevance leads to redefining threads of existing. This introspection sails us through the vast ocean of knowledge to the horizon where we start losing the self, the religion, the consciousness where it were all born once upon a time...that's the finality of the journey that we once so objectively aspired to achieve as our own !
Great input to an inspiring thought that I would rejoice in pondering over through coming moments of my life !
Best wishes,

andrew18wiles said...

The train has arrived at the station. Another journey between stations completed. Time to go...

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